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Fencesitters - the unknown quantity in reputation management

Those who buy from you, work for you or take a stand for you in the social media have usually made up their minds. Your company receives support, enjoys trust, is esteemed - in short: your reputation is intact and you will most likely be able to count on their support in the future.

On the other hand, there is another group. They prefer the products of your competitors, are generally critical of your company and possibly express themselves accordingly on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Here, too, the position is clear and it will not be easy to gain the support of this negative group.

However, the world does not only consist of your supporters and opponents. It is known from relevant studies that a large part (often well over 50%) of the population does not have a clear positive or negative opinion of certain companies. Either they know too little about these companies or their perception is indifferent. They are undecided, they belong to the "fencesitters".

There are good reasons to address these undecideds. First of all, their share is considerable and cannot be neglected. But far more important: they are not undecided because they are not interested in you. They are undecided because they know too little about you. Here too, studies show a clear picture: companies that people know more about have a better reputation and subsequently experience greater support in every respect.

Fencesitters are a great untapped potential. They expect more information from you on relevant topics in order to form an opinion. Those who discover and use this potential have a good chance of prevailing in the competition for tomorrow's customers and markets.

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