Reputation Real-time Tracker

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With the Reputation Real-time Tracker you get:

  • 24/7 access to online dashboard

  • 15 key Corporate Reputation and Brand metrics

  • Free demo webinar

  • Month-to-month score validity

  • Real-time monitoring of own company

  • Ability to view data-cuts online

  • One user license

  • Ability to track additional countries and companies

  • Data download options (Excel or visual formats)

Reputation Real-time Tracker for your company starting from CHF 700.-/month

Traditional methods of corporate reputation monitoring have limited validity, since they only follow people who are vocal online – or use traditional market research which is costly and infrequent. The Real-time Tracker is different: the focus is on people, not media. And not just those who are loud, but those who actually matter.


The analytics platform uses online surveys to provide easy-to-use real-time perception metrics that are representative and actionable. We work with clients to translate insights into strategies, decisions and actions. As a result, Corporate Communications and Marketing departments can plan activities better, measure their effectiveness, report KPIs and manage risks.

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