Senior Consulting

Lukas Zihlmann is owner and managing director of zihlmannpartner

Reputation is an issue that affects many areas of the company, which have corresponding responsibilities. These include the Board of Directors and Executive Board, Corporate Communications, Marketing & Branding, CSR/Sustainability and other corporate functions.

They are usually supported by numerous studies and tools, monitoring, analyses and reports. The large number of internal stakeholders and the vast amount of information available make dealing with the issue of reputation complex.

Wherever you are currently dealing with the topic of corporate reputation - our consulting services aim to provide you with orientation and show you further options for action. These can include:

  • Status quo analysis of existing studies, market research, media monitoring, social media reporting and other reports from the perspective of corporate reputation

  • Advising the Board of Directors and Executive Board on reputation analysis and strategy

  • Advising corporate functions and specialist departments in accordance with their specific objectives

  • Development of reputation management strategies

  • Development of content and media strategies


Our aim is to bring transparency to the topic of corporate reputation and to show you how you can build and strengthen your corporate reputation.

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