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Stakeholder Reputation

With our reputation studies, we enable you to understand your corporate reputation and develop it in a targeted manner.  With stakeholder-based measurements and interviews, media-based data analyses, strategy developments and activation workshops. All individually tailored to your questions.


Reputation Measurement

The quantification of a company's reputation is the starting point and heart of your effective reputation management.

We measure the reputation of your company and your benchmarks with the relevant stakeholders - for example the general public, your customers, employees, analysts, journalists or even special B2B target groups. We do this together with our first-class research partners - based on proven scientific models.


If desired, we can broaden our view of corporate perception and include data and results from media monitoring, media analysis and social listening in our analyses. The overall picture can be supplemented by integrating the internal view of your company. 

To this end, we conduct interviews with your management and thus - together with the stakeholder perspective and media reputation - complete the picture of the external and internal perception of your company.

Evaluation & Analysis

Based on the measurements and data, we create the reputation profile of your company and the defined benchmarks.

We evaluate the results, compare them with each other and present them in the form of integrated analyses. In addition, we evaluate your previous communication activities and include the current communication strategy and planning in the overall view.

These analysis steps reveal the reputation of your company and your benchmarks in detail. You see the corresponding reputation values in all relevant dimensions and identify where your company is performing well and where weaknesses can be identified.

Insights & Strategy

We add further statistical analyses to the evaluations and reputation profiles. 

These show, among other things, what awareness and familiarity have to do with reputation, you can see the reputation drivers and their weighting, how reputation relates to behavior - e.g. intention to buy, recommendation or desire to work for your company - or which touchpoints particularly promote reputation.

On this basis, we develop an individual reputation strategy for you, which, among other things

  • identifies the thematic priorities that contribute most to your reputation

  • particularly promotes the desired behavioural intentions

  • enables a reputation-optimised media mix

  • also takes into account special target group segments with adapted procedures.


In this way we lay the foundation for targeted and effective communications work to promote your corporate reputation.

Activation & Implementation

We support you in effectively transferring insights and strategies into effective measures.

What do the insights gained mean for your communication strategy? How do they affect your HR and employer branding? And how do they affect your CSR activities? How can marketing and sales use the results to increase the purchase intention of customers?


Together with you, we work on corporate storytelling that strengthens your reputation. We advise you on content strategies and how reputation can be used in key corporate issues. In function-related workshops we look at how individual departments - e.g. Corporate Communications, CSR, Investor Relations or HR - can use reputation to improve their performance.

Our goal is to enable you to make the best possible use of the possibilities of effective reputation management in your company.

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