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Reputation Tracking

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The "Reputation Real-time Tracker" measures the most important reputation KPIs by means of online surveys of the general public and makes them available in real time in the dashboard. This enables corporate communications and marketing to better plan their activities, measure the effectiveness of their activities, monitor important indicators in real time and detect and manage risks at an early stage.

Reputation Real-time Tracker

  • 15 key figures on corporate reputation and brand

    • Awareness and familiarity​

    • Reputation

    • Reputation and brand drivers

    • Supportive behaviour

  • Valid, representative data at monthly level

  • 24/7 access to online dashboard

  • Real-time monitoring of your own company and defined benchmarks

  • Easily conduct online analyses

  • Additional countries and companies can be added to the tracking at any time if desired

  • Ad-hoc consulting and in-depth analyses as an option

Reputation Real-time Tracker for your company from CHF 700.-/month

Reputation Real-time Tracker

Reputation Real-time Tracker

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