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All stakeholders count


Since the World Economic Forum 2020 at the latest, the term stakeholder economy - or, alternatively, stakeholder capitalism - has been on everyone's lips. Globalisation, economic crises and their consequences, growing inequality, the ongoing destruction of the environment or the superiority of the tech giants have caused public confidence in companies and institutions to dwindle.


Shareholder capitalism brought growth and prosperity for many decades, but left behind major social and ecological problems for future generations.

The purpose of companies today needs to be redefined. It must include the interests of all stakeholders - customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and society.

Effective reputation management is geared to the individual key stakeholder groups. Reputation measurements based on scientific models show the reputation drivers and values among the various stakeholder groups. This reveals what is important to the respective stakeholder groups and how your company is perceived by them. 


On this basis, we develop stakeholder-oriented reputation strategies and provide advice and support in all areas of operational reputation management.

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