Stakeholders are Key

The understanding of reputation is still limited in many places today. Either one means what is reported about companies in the media; or one thinks of what is exchanged about companies and people in the social media; or one only deals with the topic if the reputation is threatened - in case of a crisis - or if the CEO is to be put in a position.


Even if these topics are important - the perception of your stakeholders is what counts when it comes to managing your company's reputation:

  • Customers or potential customers,

  • employees,

  • job candidates,

  • investors,

  • suppliers,

  • authorities,

  • political decision-makers or

  • the general public.

It is these stakeholders who make the critical decisions for your company. They buy your products, want to work for you, invest in your company, trust you or, in case of doubt, decide in your favour.


To understand these perception- and decision-making processes, we place stakeholders at the centre of effective reputation management. We do this by measuring reputation on the basis of scientific models, stakeholder-oriented strategies and topic- and function-related consulting.

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